Being 30

I recently went to an audition for BBC Sussex radio. I made it into the top 30 out of the 180 auditionees but unfortunately I didn’t make the top 12.

You’d have thought that after five years’ experience behind a mic in a radio studio that I would have been confident and looking forward to getting in front of the judges. Not so. It wasn’t just the X-Factor like set up; the lights, the cameras, the judges and the other hopefuls in my group, it was also that I really wasn’t sure of my topic.

My Wake Up Happy Show on Kane 103.7FM is a little daft and often borders on the ridiculous. (If you like the sound of that tune in or head to from 9-11 Wednesday mornings) This, it seems, was actually what they were looking for.

However, the following is rather sarcastic and perhaps a little depressing. This is what I based my 60 seconds on…Next time Wiz, make them laugh!

Being 30

Since crashing into my 30s I’ve come to the slightly depressing realisation that for at least another 30 years I’m going to have to keep up with the ever-changing rules surrounding healthy, mindful, ethical living. I’m hoping by around 60 I’ll have figured it all out and found my zen. My mum says, good luck with that.

Should I be a vegan? Should I give up the super market in favour of farm shops? Am I really practising mindfulness and being grateful? How do I reduce my plastic usage and should I get a horse and cart instead of driving around in my camper van? And what about over population? Should I even consider the wonders of motherhood?

It’s no surprise we’re all stressed and anxious. We are bombarded with information. Social media, advertising, television, newspapers, billboards and the like. These channels constantly fill me with guilt that I’m not living up to modern standards. Can this feeling really only be remedied by drinking oat milk out of an ethically sourced avocado?

It’s not just the usual suspects that I’m talking about. More and more information streams are making their way into our merry little lives. Podcasts for example can be marvellous but do present a slight problem. Which do you listen to? Who do you trust and what do you ignore? With self-publishing platforms like the podcast there is a lot of misinformation out there that we have to wade through to get to the truth. And even when we’ve found the truth, who knows if it will remain so? Another study could be done to disprove what we thought we knew. It’s exasperating.

I remember the days of looking things up in Encyclopaedia Britannica. Yes, I was very young, but I remember. It was before the Internet was in the palm of our hands, before self-publishing and before we all got confused. You knew that the answer would have been well researched and you could trust the knowledge each volume contained – although I doubt those books would have helped you decide whether or not to go vegan.

A healthy life is a wholesome life, but in my 20s this idea was at the back of my mind only to be brought into sharp focus a month ago.

Am I living ethically? Is my career on track? Am I a good wife? Is procrastination really the right driving force behind cleaning the house? I find I’m questioning every habit and behaviour and it’s driving me mad. It seems I have an awful lot of growing up to do!

I’m 30 which means it may be time to start adulting, but for now, I think I’ll return to my blanket fort.

Last Modified on October 4, 2019
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