Being 30

I recently went to an audition for BBC Sussex radio. I made it into the top 30 out of the 180 auditionees but unfortunately I didn’t make the top 12. You’d have thought that after five years’ experience behind a mic in a radio studio that I would have been confident and looking forward to […]

How to live in the vortex

The job market. A once shining place of hopes and dreams inhabited by young believers looking, and often finding, their lucky break. Now it resembles a never-ending line at the post office where every window you go to, you get sent to another. This impression for me is intensified when looking for part time or […]

A lover of language

What better way to communicate than through the written word? I find I can be more articulate with the written word than the spoken word. When we speak we often search for the right words and fail due to the instant nature of conversation. When writing, we can consider what it is we are really […]

Delivery science and robotic process in business

  Delivery science and Robotic Process Automation is working its way into businesses, but as this kind of technology is being adopted by some, many seem resistant to it. In the past, research was conducted in the form of surveys and focus groups, but these methods are biased as only a small proportion of the […]

Sweat and endorphins

Now, I have never been what you would call a ‘gym bunny’ but I used to frequent those rooms of sweat and endorphins on a regular basis. After I got married that all stopped and I disgracefully put on two stone over two years, which was atrocious for my self-esteem. I guess that’s what happens […]

Spark a debate on the radio – go on, I dare you

Some of our best shows are the ones that contain controversy. When listeners get involved in the conversation and specifically when they disagree with us, it makes for interesting radio where everyone learns something. Different angles around a topic can be discovered and new information is presented. The hard part, the part I actually really […]