A lover of language

What better way to communicate than through the written word?

I find I can be more articulate with the written word than the spoken word. When we speak we often search for the right words and fail due to the instant nature of conversation. When writing, we can consider what it is we are really trying to say and look for the appropriate language to get our message across.

I have worked in many different roles over my 12-year career, but one constant has been writing. I haven’t really noticed it to be honest. I write all the time but I’m not a good reader. I can’t focus on novels after a whole day of reading and writing, and I am envious of those that can go to bed with a good book.

I worry about the fact I don’t read many books. Reading is one thing that builds up your vocabulary, so I wonder how much better a writer I would be if I did devour books. I do read, but it’s all news articles, blogs, research papers and emails, and I read them quickly. Books need more attention and you lose track if you skim read.

I joked once that being a writer is like being a gardener who tends a rose bush then takes a machete to it until he or she is left with one perfect bloom. And it is like that. You can’t be too precious about your words when you’re writing for a publication because, the chances are, they will edit them. They can twist your words and takeaway parts you laboriously crafted if they don’t fit with that publication’s message. For me that used to be heartbreaking, but I have learnt to let it go and am lucky enough to now be my own editor. A frightening concept as in order to grow professionally constructive criticism is necessary. Due to this, I turn to friends, colleagues and family with my ideas and pretty much demand feedback. I want the negatives. I want to improve both professionally and personally. When we look at personal development we tend to check our thoughts out on our friends before we come to our conclusions. It’s the same with work. I seek feedback, I seek criticism and I have learnt to enjoy the process of development that occurs when I work with others.

I never used to be a team player. I was almost proud of being a literal maverick who did her own thing. Now, much older, and hopefully wiser, I realise that this attitude was not a virtue. We all need other people and to grow in understanding and expand our knowledge.

When I was at school, English was my favourite subject. I had an inspiring English teacher who taught me to love language and showed me the enjoyment of crafting a message through the written word, using language to communicate ideas to open up dialogues.

I moved over to PR in 2017 but after 11 months decided it wasn’t for me. I prefer the other side of the desk. I find journalism fascinating, i’m curious and I’m really i’m nosey, so interviewing strangers is like a delicious tonic for these natural characteristics.

I also used to work a lot with video, producing, shooting, editing and directing. As soon as I bought myself the beast of a camera I had been lusting after I decided to change direction. Silly woman. I’ve still got the beast and use it for clients sometimes but most of my work is now writing, which I’m quite happy with. I’ve still got my Canon DSLR too which I often use to take head shots for clients – I really need a new one myself! I am not as young as my LinkedIn profile picture suggests.

I’m glad I’ve had experience in multiple areas. It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot about the media industry and myself. What I like and don’t like. I love radio and I love writing and the two marry together quite well. Often I’ll borrow content from one discipline for the other. Radio is a blast and I look forward to it every week. I don’t tend to listen back to the show as my laugh really grates on me.

It’s funny that when I did my degree I was absolutely sure I wanted to go into television journalism. I didn’t bother doing radio, instead I focused on print and TV but as soon as I left university I got a position at KaneFM. I was a co-host on three breakfast shows a week to start with and I’d compile weather reports and news whilst taking the micky out of the host.

Since 2015, i’ve had the Wake Up Happy show and now have the privilege of working with a few fantastic co-hosts who join me from time to time. It’s a rather ridiculous show and i’m sure I make a fool of myself often. Apparently that’s charming… There was me thinking that one day I’d be a serious journalist and the Wake Up Happy Show is what I came up with. That’s not to say we don’t tackle some of the big topics, and I do write on important topics like mental health and homelessness, which I grab content from for the show.

Music is an important part of my life although I don’t play much anymore. Much like my relationship with art, music often makes me sad because I’m not as good as I want to be. We did play at our wedding but that was nearly four years ago and was the last time I played in public.

Like many writers, I am attempting my first novel. However, feedback from Jack has made me question it. The plot is rather far-fetched and I wonder if it’s even more ridiculous than the Wake Up Happy show. Although I am a firm believer that we all need more nonsense in our lives, I’m not sure the world is ready for that particular piece of nonsense.

There is another book i’m 30,000 words into but that one is autobiographical and centred around my struggles with mental health. Neither I nor the world is read for it yet.

I’ll probably never publish either of them but ho hum! Best to get back to them anyway. I can’t help but write.

Last Modified on June 26, 2020
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